Survey Party Chief

Reporting to: Professional Survey Manager

Overview/General Description

A Survey Party Chief is assigned to a survey team that will be working on a specific or specific group of projects, which is managed by the Professional Survey Manage. The Survey Party Chief shall be able to work directly with the Professional Survey Manager and the Survey Technicians to complete all field work and other tasks deemed necessary to the progression of the current workloads. This person is responsible for maintaining timeframes and accuracy of their and the Survey Technician’s work to assure correct collection of field data.


Minimum Requirements

  • Good communicator; strong teamwork skills
  • Strong knowledge of the field equipment being used
  • 3 years + Autocad with Civil/Survey Software
  • Must have strong knowledge of Land Surveying Math
  • Ability to adjust raw field data
  • Be able to interpret/incorporate deeds and maps into survey plans
  • Experience performing county research
  • 1 year + Autocad with Civil/Survey Software
  • Ability to follow direction w/minimal supervision
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office suite
  • Ability to Multi-Task

Preferred Requirements

  • Has good personal representation
  • Ability to intuitively solve problems
  • A.S. Degree in Engineering or Survey
  • Ability to interpret advanced grading plans
  • Understanding of Coordinate Geometry

Specific Responsibilities

Technical Skill Base

  • Lead site surveys & coordinate details with site owner with minimal supervision
  • Be able to take job instructions and translate to daily time/job maintenance
  • Oversee the daily maintenance of survey equipment, vehicle
    • Maintenance, and supplies maintenance
  • Ensure proper code of conduct is carried out in the field
    • Including tutelage of survey tech in info divulging
  • Recording of Job Travel
  • Entries in the daily Survey Log Book/Sheets
  • Organization of daily Workload
  • Delegate basic workload tasks to Survey Tech
    • And perform quality control of same
  • Must be able to read/interpret Drawings/Plans
  • Willingness and ability to work both in field and in office
  • Operation of field equipment
  • Assuring proper photos are taken on site visitation
  • Download data from field into autocad system
  • Proper divulging of information to onlookers/passerbys, etc…
    • Use of pleasantries and tact
  • Ability to perform preliminary reviews of own work

Benefit Package

  • Salary based on experience
  • Bonus at Year end Based on Individual Performance
  • Vacation
    • 5 days after probation period per schedule in employee manual
    • 10 days after 2 years
  • Blue Cross Health after 90 days.

Please forward all inquires and resumes to Human Resources.

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