Professional Engineering Manager

Reporting to: Principals

Overview/General Description

A Professional Engineering Manager oversees the Engineering Development Team assigned to them. This team is comprised of Sr. & Jr. Engineering Designers, Permit Expeditors & Administrative Staff. This person serves as a liaison between the client and the Principals within our organization. You will be responsible for maintaining service levels via proper project scheduling and staffing. Additionally this person will be responsible for review of Engineering Plans and the Billing for the same. Hearing attendance will be split between this individual and the Principal who has certified the Engineering Plans. This individual will also be responsible for making an effort to communicate the firm’s capabilities to potential clients.


Minimum Requirements

  • B.S. Civil Engineering
  • E.I.T. Certification
  • Good communicator; strong presentation skills
  • PE License or final testing for PE License in progress
  • Supervisory experience preferred (1 to 3 years)
  • Ability to Multi-Task
  • Technical Experience
  • Stormwater Management
  • Grading
  • Site/ Parking Layout
  • Permit Application Submission
  • Professional References Required

Preferred Requirements

  • Field Inspection Experience
  • Land Survey Coordination
  • Geotechnical / Environmental Coordination
  • Structural Engineering Competency

Specific Responsibilities

Account Management

  • Proposal Preparation
  • Initial Contract Preparation & review with Client
  • Preparation of Additional Service Letters PRIOR to completing the work
  • Scheduling Client Timeframes
  • Maintaining Client Relations
  • Maintaining Client Status Lists
  • Develop and implement strategies based on understanding the needs of the clients
  • Respond and follow-up on all customer complaints
  • Client Billing
  • A/R Report Review on a weekly basis
  • Follow-up calls for delinquent billing (see also A/R policies)
  • Maintaining contract amounts
  • Maintaining Project Profitability
  • Design Team Timesheet Review & Approval

Technical Review & Planning

  • Technical Plan Review of Construction Documents
  • SALDO and Zoning Code Analysis
  • Review of Support Documentation (ie. storm-water reports, specification manuals, etc.)
  • Shop Drawing Review and Approval
  • Permit Submission Reviews
  • Scheduling of Design Teams
  • Hearing & Client Meeting Attendance

Team Development

  • Maintain good employee relationships
  • Perform regular project critiques
  • Ensure Professional Development of Teams
  • Classes (see educational policies)
  • Mandatory Seminar Attendance
  • Make employee’s aware of current resources (ie. internet, in-house libraries)
  • Mentor staff for their individual development of their professional careers
  • Coaches staff and provides specific feedback that is meaningful to enhancing their effectiveness and/or communicates clear expectations up front and holds team/individuals accountable for achieving results
  • Schedule Performance Reviews
  • 3 month mandatory review from date of hire
  • End of Year Performance Reviews
  • Employee Discipline & Council (ensure company directives are followed)

Benefit Package

  • Salary based on experience
  • Bonus at Year end Based on Department Performance
  • Vacation
    • 5 days after probation period per schedule in employee manual
    • 10 days after 2 years
  • Blue Cross Health after 90 days.

Please forward all inquires and resumes to Human Resources.

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