Cornerstone is doing the majority of our site adapt architectural services for this part of the country. They also perform civil engineering site design for us and we’ve been very happy — in fact, we’ve grown the portfolio that they’re doing for us because of their performance. Overall, my experience is that they’re extremely responsive. They take the time to know our system, how we operate, and how we want to operate. They’re very in tune with what our needs are and they want to make sure that they meet those needs.
Mark Geopfert
Regional Construction Director
Ruby Tuesday
Basically Cornerstone’s been the design engineers for Sunoco’s “raze and rebuild” projects where we take an existing site, knock down what’s there and start from scratch. They do the upfront engineering and they take us through the approval process with the township and all other government agencies — whoever is involved from an approval standpoint. From a construction standpoint, the biggest problem is not being able to get answers when you’re out in the field to keep the project moving along. That’s critical. We’ve never had that problem with Cornerstone. They’re always responsive and have been able to work through issues quickly and get us resolutions quickly.
Bill Kriebel
Regional Construction Director
Cornerstone has been an integral part of the development of the Quiznos brand in the Delaware Valley and beyond. As a design partner, they have been great to work with. Mark and his team take ownership of each and every project — treating each job, each franchise owner, with the individual attention each project deserves. Cornerstone will take a project from infancy and push it through to completion. As a retrofit concept, Quiznos cares about several things when it comes to design — the complete and total accuracy of the plans, the protection of the brand elements, optimal value-engineering, and fast and efficient permitting. Cornerstone provides Quiznos with all of the above.
John Teza
Director of Development

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